* NC4DP * Mecklenburg County, NC

Mecklenburg ARES Topics: Wednesdays, 9:00 PM Local Time on 146.94-(118.8)
Official ARES Frequencies: * 146.94-(118.8) * 145.29-(118.8) * 146.58 (Simplex)
Metrolina 2m Emergency Net™: 9:00 PM Local Time on 146.94-(118.8)
Piedmont Spotter Group Net™: 8:00 PM Local Time on 145.23-(118.8)
Piedmont Simplex Net™: Sundays, 8:30 PM Local Time on 147.505 (simplex)

Mecklenburg ARES Topics™: Wednesdays, 9:00 PM Local Time on 146.94-(118.8)

Mecklenburg County ARES Links and Downloads

Here is a list of some important links and downloads that we feel that may help you in your amateur radio hobby and with your disaster communications. Also included are ARES documents and forms that you may need. Check back often. This list is subject to change.

FEMA Required FEMA courses: IS-100C, IS-200B, IS-700B, and IS-800C. Click on banner for information and courses.

FEMA RMS Express / Winlink 2000. To be able to operate RMS Express, you will need to download and install the two programs listed. You can find these programs below or download them from the Winlink 2000 icon.

Amateur Radio Software

ARES Documents and Forms

Other Links and Downloads


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