Mecklenburg ARES and RACES

* NC4DP * Mecklenburg County, NC

Mecklenburg ARES Net™: Wednesdays, 7:30 PM Local Time on 146.94-(118.8)
Official ARES Frequencies: * 146.94-(118.8) * 145.29-(118.8) * 146.58 (Simplex)
Metrolina 2m Emergency Net™: 9:00 PM Local Time on 146.94-(118.8)
Piedmont Spotter Group Net™: 8:00 PM Local Time on 145.23-(118.8)
Mecklenburg Simplex Net™: Sundays, 8:30 PM Local Time on 147.505 (simplex)

Mecklenburg ARES Netâ„¢: Wednesdays, 7:30 PM Local Time on 146.94-(118.8)

Mecklenburg County ARES and RACES NC4DP

Disaster Communications For Our Served Agencies

Difference between ARES and RACES

Mecklenburg County (ARES) is comprised of FCC licensed Amateur Radio Operators who have voluntarily registered their capabilities and equipment for public service communications. Under Federal regulations, Amateur Radio operators cannot receive compensation of any kind for providing public service communications.

The primary responsibility of the Mecklenburg ARES is to furnish communications in the event of disaster or other event, when regular communications fail or become inadequate for served agencies to perform their duties. During ARES activation or exercise or any other Special Events call sign will be NC4DP.

For more information about Mecklenburg County ARES, send email to Tony Lewis KE4VVF

Note: NC4DP is registered to W4BFB Mecklenburg Amateur Radio Society.

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(posted 4/27/2016")
Packet RMS Gateways now Require Password Logon .
When using a Packet RMS Gateway you will be given a 3 digit challenge code. To log in you must enter the characters of your password that correspond to the digits in the challenge code. Example: if your password is ABCDEFG and the challenge code is 146 then you would enter ADF followed by 3 random characters to log in. A is the 1st letter of your password, D is the 4th letter of your password and F is the 6th letter of your password. The challenge number indicates which characters of your password you need to enter. This log in method eliminates the need to transmist your entire password where other users can read it every time you check in via packet radio.
73 - Tony Lewis - KE4VVF - Mecklenburg County ARES EC
(posted 4/27/2016")
RMS Express now Requires Password to Access Winlink 2000 Servers .
On the RMS Express Setup page, enter the password of your choice in the "My Password" field, place a check mark in the "Require Password on Connection" field and enter your email address into the "Password Recovery E-mail" field. If you ever lose your RMS Express Password you can have it sent to you email address by pressing the "Request Password to be sent to recovery e-mail" button
73 - Tony Lewis - KE4VVF - Mecklenburg County ARES EC

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